Welcome to the Guadian Guide to Vintage

In this Guardian guide, we’ll be looking at the cultural phenomenon that is vintage. From clothes to lifestyle, people throughout the UK are being influenced by decades past.

Scattered throughout the magazine are your essential guides to each decade from the 1920s to 1980s. We’ll tell you about the history of the decade and how it influenced fashion. You’ll find out which key pieces to look out for on your vintage shopping expeditions, and which decade has styles to best suit your figure.

We’ve also covered the growing trend of vintage lifestyle, from weddings to swing dance weekends, we’ve got the inside scoop.

With our pick of the best stores and websites, your wardrobe will be full of great vintage apparel in no time and with our guide to becoming a vintage dealer, it could become a business venture.

We’ve immersed ourselves into the world of retro, to bring you everything you need to become a vintage aficionado. We hope you have as much fun exploring this exciting world as we did!


Stacey Cosens

Editor of the Guardian guide to vintage.

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